Here Are A Few Stocks With Bull Stockings

As we work our way toward the final minutes before everything shutters for Christmas, here are a few equities that have loaded bull stockings with bountiful joy, irrespective of fundamentals. These were beautiful breakouts and illustrate some good, classic technical patterns:

Blink Charging Co: (NASDAQ:)

Blink Charging Chart.Blink Charging Chart.

Chewy Inc: (NYSE:CHWY)

Chewy Inc. Chart.Chewy Inc. Chart.

GrowGeneration Corp: (NASDAQ:GRWG)

Grow Generational Chart.Grow Generational Chart.

Cloudflare Inc: (NYSE:NET)

Cloudflare Chart.Cloudflare Chart.

Quantumscape Corp: (NYSE:QS)

Quantum Scape Chart.Quantum Scape Chart.

I will offer you one item from my “I Told Ya So” gallery, which is the Theranos of electric car-makers, Nikola. I’ve been stomping on this one all the way down, and I stated clearly that the last wispy line of support was $16.01. Ever since that broke (appropriately enough, based on a garbage company telling Nikola to go take a hide), it’s been a meltdown. I strongly suspect this will be a single-digit stock within months (or weeks).

Nikola Corp: (NASDAQ:NKLA)

Nikola Corp Chart.Nikola Corp Chart.Original Article

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